2020 Conference Workshop Materials

Keynote Presentations: Secretary Kathleen Theoharides, MA EEA & Jad Daley, President & CEO, American Forests

  • PDF (Theoharides)
  • PDF (Daley)

Land Conservation Terms, Acronyms & Legislation

Implementing Natural Solutions to Climate Change

Communicating the Climate Adaption Work of Land Trusts

Resilient Lands: Nature's Value in a Changing Climate

Land Prioritization Methods Through the Prism of Climate Change

Addressing Climate Change with Agriculture in Your Open Space

Land Trusts and the MA Vulnerability Preparedness Program

Fields, Meadows & Grasslands, Oh MY!

New England Landscape Futures Explorer: A Planning & Communication Tool

How to Make the State House Work for YOU: Lobbying 101

Forest Carbon: A Natural Solution for Climate Change

Sustainable Trails: Preserving Our Pathways to Nature

Broadening Support for Land Conservation Through Economic Messaging

DCS Grant Programs