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This listserv is intended to be used only for discussion of land conservation, land stewardship and land trust organizational questions. This is a moderated list serve and all messages are held for review by the moderator.

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Listserv Guidelines

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1) Appropriate topics
This listserv is intended to be used only for discussion of land conservation and land trust organizational questions. Action alerts, event or program announcements, job openings, training opportunities, etc. should be submitted for publication in the MLTC eNews, which is sent directly to nearly 2,000 subscribers and is passed along to many more. Please send items of this nature to

2) Moderator role
This is a moderated listserv and all messages are held for review. The moderator is the sole arbiter as to who has access to the listserv and what constitutes an acceptable posting. The listserv is NOT an opinion forum. Mutual respect for differing opinions, along with courtesy and politeness are required of all participants.

3) Message audience
The MLTC Land Protection Listserv is not "private communication" in any sense. There are several hundred subscribers. If you don't want it to be public, don't put it on the listserv. If you are dealing with a sensitive subject or are topic that you aren’t sure is appropriate for the listserv, please contact

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6) Posting delays
There may be a delay in processing postings, depending on whether the moderator is on the grid or in the field meeting with partners.

7) Subject lines
When responding to a posting, please do not change the subject line unless you are changing the topic. This will ensure that your comments remain in the same "thread" for archival purposes.

8) Message identification
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9) Thank you messages
Please send messages such as “thanks for the information” or “me, too” to individuals - not to the entire list.

10) Unsubscribing
Directions for how to unsubscribe are included on each email shared on the listserv.