Early Conservation Career Network

The Early Conservation Career Network (ECCN) (formerly Young Land Professionals) is an interest group of MLTC. ECCN was formed in 2017 to provide networking and training opportunities for those in their first 10 years of a career in land conservation. Currently, ECCN has 150 members from a wide range of land trusts and state agencies. An organizing committee works to move initiatives forward.

We hope you'll join ECCN! You’ll be added to our email list where you’ll receive information about upcoming events and opportunities. Please email admin@massland.org to sign up.

Organizing Committee Members:
Mariah Fogg (bio), Berkshire Natural Resources Council, ECCN President  ~  Katie Carr, Kestrel Land Trust, ECCN Vice President  ~  Robin Austin (bio), Lincoln Institute of Land Policy  ~  Olivia Barksdale, Mass Audubon  ~  Stephen O'Grady (bio), Orleans Conservation Trust  ~ Thomas Patti, Wildlands Trust, Communications Coordinator  ~ Rebecca Smalley, Essex County Greenbelt

Mentorship Opportunity for Mentees and Mentors

This initiative – inspired by last year's member survey where many expressed a desire for continued learning and professional development through mentorship – is designed to match individuals based on specific skill sets, interests, and availability. The ECCN Committee of MLTC invites you to signup as either a mentor or mentee. For more information, and to sign up, please follow the links for Mentors and Mentees. Example introductory email form for Mentees.

Upcoming Events