2020 Conference Workshop Materials

Thanks to all webinar and workshop presenters who agreed to participate in the (virtual) conference!

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  Keynote Presentations:
Secretary Kathleen Theoharides, MA EEA
Jad Daley, President & CEO, American Forests

PDF (Theoharides)
PDF (Daley)

Summary Land Conservation Terms, Acronyms & Legislation


1A Implementing Natural Solutions to Climate Change

Presentation (Hayden)
Presentation (Richburg)
Presentation (Lautzenheiser)
Presentation (Shakun)

1B Communicating the Climate Adaption Work
of Land Trusts


1E Resilient Lands:
Nature's Value in a Changing Climate

Presentation (Ricci)

1F Land Prioritization Methods
Through the Prism of Climate Change

Video presentation

1L Addressing Climate Change
with Agriculture in Your Open Space


2A Land Trusts and the
MA Vulnerability Preparedness Program

Presentation (Burns)
Presentation (Collins)
Presentation (Dietrich)
Presentation (King)

2C Fields, Meadows & Grasslands, Oh MY!

Presentation - Fields (Mattei)
Presentation - Grasslands (Morris)
Presentation - Invasives in Meadows (Sechler)
Field Mngmt. Resources
Floral Guide to Protecting Bumblebees

2E New England Landscape Futures Explorer:
A Planning & Communication Tool
Scenario Planning
2F How to Make the State House
Work for YOU: Lobbying 101
2L Forest Carbon: A Natural Solution for Climate Change
3C Sustainable Trails:
Preserving Our Pathways to Nature
3D Broadening Support for Land Conservation
Through Economic Messaging
Presentation (Plowden)
Presentation (Dolci)
webinar handout 
3H DCS Grant Programs Presentation