Resources For Landowners

  • Planned Giving

    The term “planned giving” refers to charitable gifts that require some planning before they are made. This document describes various reasons to get involved in planned giving.

  • Post-Mortem Donation of Conservation Easements

    Explores opportunities available under Section 2031(c) of the Internal Revenue Code, in particular the post-mortem donation of a conservation easement. Demonstrates that a personal representative may ...

  • Recreational Use Shields Landowner from Liability

    Massachusetts, General Law c. 21 sec. 17C affords any owner who allows the public to use their land for recreation at no charge relief from liability, so long as the owner has not been willful, want...

  • Using the Conservation Tax Incentive

    An overview of the Federal tax incentive for conservation easement (restriction) donations that was enacted by congress in 2015 and recently extended. A booklet explaining how to use the Federal tax...

  • What is a Land Trust

    A description of the nonprofit organizations that conserve land with special natural or public value.