Resources For Landowners

  • Greening Your Final Arrangements

    Green Burial Massachusetts provides current information on green burial practices at Planning a green burial and use of a green cemetery. Article first appeared in Real Money ma...

  • How is Land Protected

    A brief overview of land conservation options provided by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. View article

  • Introduction to Land Conservation

    There are several options to consider when thinking about conserve your land. You may convey ownership of the land by:- donating the land to a nonprofit conservation organization or government entity....

  • Land Conservation Options

    A guide for Massachusetts landowners to the opportunities to protect their land. Published by Essex County Greenbelt in 2014.

  • Legal Food Hub

    A free service matching eligible farmers and food businesses with volunteer attorneys. View the site here.

  • MA Chapter 61 Current Use Tax Programs

    There are three Ch. 61 programs, outlined on this page. Each program provides a means to assess land at its current use (forest, agriculture, or open space/recreation) as opposed to its development va...

  • MA Current Use Forest Tax Program

    The Massachusetts Current Use Forest Tax Law, (Chapter 61), is designed to give favorable treatment to a landowner willing to keep forested land undeveloped and manage that land under a long-term stra...

  • MA Landowner Programs

    In recognition of the many public benefits private lands provide, landowner assistance programs have been developed as a way to support landowners. View programs at:

  • MA Service Forestry Program

    This Program provides technical assistance to private landowners and municipalities in forest resource planning, forest management, and forest protection within 14 districts across the state. View pro...

  • Massachusetts Forest Stewardship Program

    This program supports and encourages private forest landowners' efforts to manage, enjoy, and care for their land using a long-term approach. View program at:

  • Massachusetts Forestry Programs Overview

    Programs to serve the owners of forest land in Massachusetts and the forest they care for. If you have questions or simply care about the forests of Massachusetts this is a good place to start. View ...