Resources For Land Trusts

  • MA Agricultural Preservation Restriction Program

    The Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) Program is a voluntary program offering a non-development alternative to farmers and other owners of "prime" and "state important" agricultural land. Vi...

  • MA Current Use Forest Tax Program

    The Massachusetts Current Use Forest Tax Law, (Chapter 61), is designed to give favorable treatment to a landowner willing to keep forested land undeveloped and manage that land under a long-term stra...

  • MA Drinking Water Protection Grant Program

    The program provides financial assistance to public water systems and municipal water departments for the purchase of land or interests in land for: 1) protection of existing DEP-approved public drink...

  • MA Farmland Information Center

    Articles, statistics, legislative updates and samples for farmers, from the American Farmland Trust. View Information Center

  • MA Forest Legacy Program

    This Program is a partnership between participating States and the USDA Forest Service to identify and help protect environmentally important forests from conversion to non-forest uses. View program h...

  • MA Land and Water Conservation Fund

    The MA Division of Conservation Services administers the state side of the Land & Water Conservation Fund program in Massachusetts. For information, visit

  • MA Landowner Programs

    In recognition of the many public benefits private lands provide, landowner assistance programs have been developed as a way to support landowners. View programs at:

  • MA Off-Highway Vehicle Law Information

    The MA OHV Law, Chapter 202 of the Acts of 2010 (its legislative title), primarily affects M.G. L. Chapter 90B and related laws, governing off-road recreational and utility vehicles. The law also stre...

  • MA Service Forestry Program

    This Program provides technical assistance to private landowners and municipalities in forest resource planning, forest management, and forest protection within 14 districts across the state. View pro...

  • Making the Economic Case for Your Work

    This presentation provides information on the economic benefits of land conservation and resources. Given at the 2018 Mass Land Conservation Conference

  • Mass Audubon's Beacon Hill Weekly Roundup

    The Beacon Hill Weekly Roundup tracks the progress of legislative priorities of Mass Audubon, focusing on the protection of the nature of Massachusetts. View Current Weekly Roundup

  • Mass Biodiversity Initiative

    Mass Divison of Fisheries and Wildlife programs to maintain and enhance the native biodiversity of the Commonwealth. Includes three interrelated programs: Ecological Restoration Program, Upland Habita...