The Value of Land Conservation

Have you ever wanted better data to convince your local leaders of the importance of protecting land?
Well now you do!  [Jump to the resources]

A working group of the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition partnered with consultant Jessica Sargent from Primrose Research Group LLC to develop a toolkit of materials that anyone can download and use to educate, inform and/or advocate for land conservation in their community.  

Resources include a technical white paper that summarizes some of the latest data available for Massachusetts, a PowerPoint presentation that can be customized to address the needs and concerns of individual towns and cities, and a one-page summary that can serve as a leave-behind for your audience.

We recommend you start by reading the "User Guide".  

User Guide (PDF)
User Guide (video / mock run-through)
The Economic Benefits of Open Space to Massachusetts Communities (full presentation, PDF) 
The Economic Benefits of Open Space to Massachusetts Communities (editable PowerPoint, with presenter notes)
How Conserving Open Space Provides Economic Benefits (white paper, PDF)
Benefits of Open Space (handout, PDF)