Time-Sensitve Federal Funding Opportunity

April 1, 2024

Our colleagues at Mass Rivers received a request from Senator Markey's office to distribute information and guidance on how to apply for Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS). Please note that the deadline to submit is April 5 at 6 pm. 

There are two types of funding available. 1) Programmatic: a request to increase funding for particular programs already in the President's budget; and 2) General CDS requests, which must fall under one of the funding categories listed in the FY2025 Appropriations Preliminary Guidance attached. Fund categories to note are:

  • USFS urban forestry
  • FWS resource management and stewardship.
  • EPA State and Tribal Assistance grants (No CDS $ was distributed to Massachusetts in FY 24 under this fund)
  • EPA Science and Technology research related to environmental quality and/or human health (No CDS $ was distributed to Massachusetts in FY 24 under this fund)
  • Watershed & Flood Protection for watersheds in rural communities w/ a maximum size of 250,000 acres where at least 20% of the project must benefit agriculture.

We strongly encourage organizations in western Massachusetts to consider CDS funding, as not as many FY24 CDS appropriations went to western Mass groups. 

Here's a thumbnail sketch of how to apply: 

  • Visit Senator Markey's website https://www.markey.senate.gov/federal-funding-requests
  • Look carefully at the guidance documents attached. You must determine your eligibility (nonprofits are eligible).
  • Make an account on the Senate Office Application Manager if you do not already have one 
  • use Sen. Markey's portal to submit a questionnaire (see pp 7-10 of the Markey CDS Guide attached)
  • use the portal to submit a budget (see p 3 of the Appropriations Preliminary Guidance attached) Note that some of the CDS funding categories require match funding. 
  • use the portal to submit two letters of support from third parties in the community that would benefit from the project
  • Also submit all of your materials on Sen. Warren's portal as well as your local House Rep's portal. 


Here is the official announcement from Sen. Markey's office:

From: Appropriations (Markey) <Appropriations@markey.senate.gov>
Subject: RE: Congressionally Directed Spending 101 - An Introduction to the Earmark Process

 Good morning:

 Thank you for contacting our office regarding a Fiscal Year 2025 appropriations or Congressionally Directed Spending request. Beginning today, we are open to accept submissions. All appropriations requests must be submitted through the appropriate online portal located on our website. Once you have submitted the questionnaire you will not be able to make changes so be sure to review before submitting.

 For Congressionally Directed Spending Requests:

Our office is soliciting projects for Fiscal Year 2025 Congressionally Directed Spending Requests (ie earmarks or community project funding). Any Congressionally Directed Spending Requests must comply with Senate Rule XLIV and for-profit entities are NOT eligible to receive Congressionally Directed Spending.

 Beginning in FY2025, Senators Markey and Warren are using a joint application for all congressionally directed spending requests so you only need to submit to one Senate office (programmatic requests should still be submitted to each individual office). We encourage you to submit to your House representative as well.

 A specific list of accounts under which CDS requests will be supported is available here. Please carefully read the account guidance and submission instructions to ensure that applications contain all required information and supporting documentation. Note that this guidance is based on last year and the Appropriations Committee has not provided new guidance for FY2025, however, we do not expect changes that will significantly impact eligibility.

 Senator Markey and Warren’s Congressionally Directed Spending requests can be submitted HERE

 Our office will require the Congressionally Directed Spending Requests to be filled out and submitted by Friday, April 5 at 6pm. 

 For PROGRAMMATIC requests:

  • NON-DEFENSE Appropriations Request form can be found HERE.

Our office will require the programmatic request questionnaires be filled out and submitted by Friday, April 5 at 6:00pm

Do not hesitate to reach out by replying to this email should you have any questions.


Office of U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey


FY2025 Appropriations Preliminary Guidance and Instructions
Appropriations Requests: A Summary 
Appropriations and Congressionally Directed Spending (CDS) Guide