Last Call for PLPA - Contact Your Senator Tues. April 12 or Wed. April 13

April 12, 2022

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S.2820, the Massachusetts’ Senate’s version of An Act preserving open space in the Commonwealth (H.851, also known as the Public Lands Preservation Act, or PLPA) has been approved by the House. We need your help to pass it in the Senate later this week (week of April 11). This would be a major milestone towards this bill becoming law. S.2820 would require “no net loss” of lands or easements protected under Article 97, meaning that replacement land of comparable acreage, location, and natural resource value would have to be provided for each disposition. It would also require that alternatives to a proposed disposition be examined and promote transparency by requiring notice to the public of any proposed dispositions before they occur.

This bill would ensure that we don’t lose critical open spaces--for example, a small pocket park in an otherwise highly developed area--that are playing such an important role in reducing flooding, cleaning the air and water, and mitigating heat islands. 

Please call or write your Senator today (Tuesday, April 12) or tomorrow (Wednesday, April 13) to state your support before they vote later this week.