Getting Outside During COVID-19

Getting out on the trails can be a great way to clear your mind, reduce stress, and enjoy the unfolding spring. Mindful of Massachusetts' stay-at-home order and with a focus on our collective health and well-being, MLTC encourages you to stay local and proceed with care and caution  when you head outdoors. Many popular reservations are closed at this time (including as of this writing those operated by MassAudubon and The Nature Conservancy in Massachusetts), while others have experienced a surge of visitors that can make it challenging to maintain appropriate social distance. The Trustees recently reopened selected reservations where they felt localized and safe usage could be managed. Please check your local land trust's website and those of municipal reservations for latest updates before heading out. 

While MassWildlife offices are closed, state Wildlife Management Areas are open and hunting and fishing regulations remain in effect; click here for details. For latest information on State Parks, Forests and Beaches, visit the State‚Äôs website here

If you find a conservation area crowded when you arrive, consider visiting another area or returning at a less busy time. Some practical trail etiquette includes for downhill hikers to step as far off the trail as they safely can to yield to those going uphill. For the time being, it would also be helpful for all users of loop trails to proceed in a clockwise direction to reduce interactions.

Be safe, be considerate of others, and we'll see each other on the trails soon enough!

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