Resources for Landowners

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Protecting Article 97 Land

How to ensure land acquired by municipalities for conservation is not disposed of or put to another use.

Protecting the Source Handbook

The scientific, economic, and public health justifications for land conservation as a critical strategy for protecting America's drinking water sources and recharge lands Visit article online at:...

Provisions of the 2014 Farm Bill

Information on the 2014 Farm Bill from the US Department of Agriculture available here. US Farm Bill Agricultural Conservation Easement Program (ACEP) information at:

Recreational Use Shields Landowner from Liability

Massachusetts, General Law c. 21 sec. 17C affords any owner who allows the public to use their land for recreation at no charge relief from liability, so long as the owner has not been willful,...

Solar Fields Siting Presentations

Resources include: Model solar zoning bylaws to assist cities and towns throughout Massachusetts in establishing reasonable standards to facilitate development of small-, medium- and large-scale...