Resources for Landowners

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Health Benefits of Parks

How Parks Help Keep Americans and Their Communities Fit and Healthy, published by The Trust for Public Land

How is Land Protected

A brief overview of land conservation options provided by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. View article

How to Start a Land Trust in Massachusetts

What you will need to form a legal land trust to buy and hold land and conservation restrictions in Massachusetts. Many communities across the Commonwealth have come together in search of the...

Increasing Forest Resiliency

This was presented at the 2017 Mass Land Conservation Conference. Increasing Forest Resiliency in an Uncertain Future

Introduction to Land Conservation

There are several options to consider when thinking about conserve your land. You may convey ownership of the land by: - donating the land to a nonprofit conservation organization or government...

IRS Bulletin on Conservation Tax Deductions

Guidance Regarding Deductions by Individuals for Qualified Conservation Contributions. IRS Bulletin available at:  View document 

Land Conservation Economic Benefits

Land conservation as an investment that pays many dividends, including economic ones. How land conservation affects government revenues and expenses, business and employment.

Land Conservation Options

A guide for Massachusetts landowners to the opportunities to protect their land. Published by Essex County Greenbelt in 2014.