Resources for Landowners

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Agricultural Conservation Easements

An agricultural conservation easement (restriction) is used by a landowner to protect productive agricultural land. The fact sheet describes the benefits and drawbacks of these agreements. View at...

Bargain or Charitable Sales

All about selling land, or an interest in land such as a conservation restriction, for less than fair market value to a nonprofit land trust or government agency when the land is to be used for a...

Chapter 61 Current Use Tax Programs Overview

There are three Ch. 61 programs. Each program provides a means to assess land at its current use (forest, agriculture, or open space/recreation) as opposed to its development value. This booklet...

Community Preservation Act

The Community Preservation Act (CPA) is a tool to help communities preserve open space and historic sites, and create affordable housing and recreational facilities. For more information, visit:...

Conservation Campaign Toolkit

The toolkit was created to assist citizens in creating and running a political campaign to win public financing for land and water conservation. View Toolkit