Restoration Technical Services Branch Manager

The Division of Ecological Restoration (DER) seeks a leader with a can-do attitude to build DER’s river and wetland restoration expertise by standing up a new Technical Services Branch (Branch) within DER. The Branch houses programs and staff that support the Division and its restoration partners with restoration planning, GIS, engineering, development of best practices, knowledge management, and other mission-critical services. The Technical Services Branch Manager develops position descriptions, hires Branch staff, and guides the use of staff and fiscal resources to achieve Branch goals. The Technical Services Branch collaborates closely with DER’s other branches, the Department of Fish and Game’s GIS team and others to: develop and maintain cutting-edge knowledge, skills, and abilities across the Branch’s technical service priorities; support DER’s other branches with expertise in engineering, restoration planning, GIS, and other technical service areas; develop tools, systems, and processes to capture, organize, and manage the extensive restoration knowledge and expertise within the Habitat Restoration and Capacity-building Branches; collaborate with others to identify priority internal and external technical service needs to support ecological restoration; translate restoration knowledge and expertise into tools, best practices, guidance, and other products that meet internal and external priority needs; and develop Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC) systems, processes, and SOPs to be used across the Division to support the technical rigor and successful performance of DER’s restoration projects and activities.
The Branch Manager works closely with the directors and other branch managers and staff to develop the Branch’s vision and achieve its goals through sound strategy, effective teamwork, and deliberate action. They are thoughtful, self-motivated, possess a can-do attitude, and excel at collaborative problem solving. The Branch Manager collaborates with the other Division branches, programs, and staff to identify technical service needs, develop strategies to meet those needs, and provide guidance and resources to create and implement solutions.

*Please note that the job posting will remain open for 90 days; however, first consideration will be given to those applicants that apply within the first 14 days of the posting, by 12/12/2022.