Land Stewardship Intern

The Stewardship Intern will assist the Executive Director in managing the Concord Land Conservation Trust’s properties and working with volunteers. Duties will include trail maintenance, leading volunteer work days (depending on status of the pandemic this summer), coordinating Trail Steward volunteers, and removing invasive plant species; specifically water chestnut (Trapa natans).

The Intern will be responsible for walking trails and reporting any major damage, maintaining trails, and assisting in coordinating Trail Steward volunteers though an online platform, working with volunteers in the field (depending on pandemic), and, helping with projects as needed. Invasive plant species removal will be completed by the Stewardship Intern at the direction of the Executive Director.

A large part of this position’s invasive plant species removal work will be hand-pulling water chestnut from the Sudbury River in Concord, focusing primarily on the Fairhaven Bay area. This specific work will take place from late June through Mid-August, whenever the weather is safe for being out on the water. This work is manual labor intensive, which involves going out in a kayak or canoe, pulling water chestnut plants out of the water, and disposing of them at a designated area on the shore.

• Walking trails, reporting any major damage, and clearing smaller debris with hand tools.
• Assisting in planning and supervising volunteer work days.
• Coordinating Trail Steward volunteers through online platform.
• Removing and disposing of water chestnut plants.
• Recruiting and organizing others (volunteer or paid) to assist with water chestnut removal.

• Motor vehicle and driver’s license
• Responsible and punctual
• Interest in land conservation and stewardship
• Proficient swimmer and able to handle a kayak and canoe (possible lifting up to 40 pounds)
• Familiarity with and ability to safely use hand tools such as clippers and hand saws
• Ability to work both independently/as part of a team and with volunteers
• Ability to work outside in all types of weather and be prepared for field work

Interested applicants should send a resume and cover letter describing their qualifications and interest in the position to Laney Wilder, Executive Director, via email –

Applications are due Friday March 26, 2021.