Land Steward

The full-time Land Steward will be responsible for maintaining trails, fences, signs, and see that the properties are kept clean from trash and unsightly debris. We will ask that our steward notify us and report on any problems, e.g., vandalism or mischief, maintenance they can’t handle without assistance and hazardous conditions. Many of our properties are found along the coasts and wetland areas. We need to know if parcels are getting polluted, if coastal banks are being eroded, and if nature is being threatened that protects wildlife habitat. Preserving open space is very challenging and rewarding. Salt Pond as an organization benefits from the direct involvement of a land steward in seeing that we all keep a close eye on the open space we are so fortunate to have. Owning and managing our lands is a responsibility that we as Trustees take very seriously.

Qualifications for this position include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Good communication skills
2. The ability to work well with others internally and externally
3. Strong mechanical aptitude for farm/yard equipment
4. Drivers license
5. Geographic knowledge of Falmouth and surrounding areas
6. A minimum of general knowledge of and the ability to work with trees, plants and gardening
7. Ability to work well independently and without direct supervision day to day
8. General awareness of local conservation issues and wetland regulations
9. Ability and desire to work with local conservation authorities as required
10. Ability to work within the general scope of Salt Pond’s mission for preservation
11. This job will require approximately 40 hours per week during the growing seasons and could be less in the off season
12. The applicant should have public relation skills, as well as record-keeping abilities
13. Able to effectively work well with Salt Pond Board of Directors, Executive Director and various committees

Specific needs for Bourne Farm in West Falmouth:
a. To work at Bourne Farm as needed to see that the grounds are maintained to the current standards and appearance.
b. To be available to help with programs and events. This would include opening up buildings, getting necessary items as needed. Putting out benches, tables, and rubbish barrels and making sure rest room is clean and stocked.
c. To make sure facility is clean and secured after all programs and events. In the case of weddings, the renter is responsible for cleanup as stated in contract.
d. To be responsible for minor repairs and upkeep of buildings.
e. To be available to sub-contractors as needed. Knowledge in practical building aspects is helpful.
f. To maintain grounds. This is to include, but not be limited to, mowing lawns and fields as needed. To see that grounds and facilities are ready prior to events and programs. Clearing and burning brush. Maintaining signage on trails. Keeping trails, fields and properties clean of litter.
g. To prepare the grounds for growing pumpkins in an area designated by the Bourne Farm Committee.
h. To perform water tests in pond as needed. Pond watchers can help in developing this program. We envision this to be part of a science/educational study. This information could be beneficial in obtaining grant money for water quality improvements or for fisheries restocking.
i. To be available with adequate notice for house and barn tours.
j. To assist the administrator of Salt Pond in making sure that wedding contracts are fulfilled. We need to ensure that vendors respect the property and act accordingly.

Salt Pond currently owns over 250 acres of land in Falmouth that we need help to oversee. The Land Steward position enables us to keep a close eye on all of our open space. It will be the job of our full-time steward to see that these naturally preserved parcels are kept free from the threat of adverse impact. The position will report to the Executive Director of Salt Pond and work closely with the Executive Director on their work and events. We offer a competitive salary package for the right individual who meets the above requirements and a vehicle to be used in the course of daily work requirements. Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Please send resume and letter of interest to to apply.