Land Manager

Responsibilities of the Land Manager include: setting priorities for land management;
training and overseeing land stewardship volunteers; assisting with fundraising associated with
the DCLT's land management responsibilities; and planning, creating and mapping new and
existing trails and properties.

The ideal candidate has a commitment to land conservation, knowledge of sustainable forestry
as well as coastal land management practices, and familiarity with wetland restoration projects.
He/she works effectively with groups as well as individually, is self-motivated, and works well
with a diversity of tasks and in a diverse environment. He/she exercises sound judgment and
models integrity, honesty, and professionalism.

Required skills include: the ability to work outdoors, individually and on a team, to maintain DCLT owned and managed properties; comfortably and safely use both power and hand tools; maintain reports on DCLT lands and have strong oral and written communication skills, facility with computer hardware and software (Microsoft Office applications, Filemaker and ArcGIS); knowledge of the natural history of Cape Cod; and teaching experience in informal settings.