Environmental Program Coordinator

The Nantucket Land Council is looking for a passionate individual to join our team. The Nantucket Land Council (NLC) is a non- profit organization focused on protecting and preserving Nantucket’s natural and water resources. NLC works across the island of Nantucket conducting water quality and ecosystem research, educational programs, land protection, and advocacy.

The Environmental Program Coordinator will assist in the development and implementation of education, outreach, and advocacy efforts for island-wide land use and sustainable growth initiatives. These efforts may include giving presentations, writing reports, producing educational publications, and advocating for policies or practices that preserve Nantucket’s environment. Specific projects may be catered to the strengths and skills of the successful candidate.

A primary focus of the NLC’s land protection work is our Conservation Restriction (CR) program. The Environmental Program Coordinator will oversee this program, including the inspection, monitoring and stewardship of the NLC’s existing CRs, and will work with landowners, local government, and state agencies on the drafting and recording of new CRs.