Conservation Science Program Manager

The Conservation Science Program Manager (Environmental Analyst V) reports to the Assistant Director for Natural Heritage & Endangered Species and directly oversees the work of the Division of Fisheries & Wildlife’s Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP or Program) scientists, habitat managers, and data management staff (8 direct and 6 indirect reports). The Conservation Science Program Manager aids the Assistant Director in administering and guiding policy for the Program, including its regulatory review work under the MA Endangered Species Act (MESA). The Conservation Science Program Manager oversees species recovery, conservation planning and prioritization, inventory, research, habitat restoration and management projects to conserve the Commonwealth’s endangered, threatened and special concern species and exemplary natural communities. The Conservation Science Program Manager works with NHESP, other DFW staff and managers, other state agencies, and other conservation partners to develop and implement conservation initiatives, seek and obtain funding, and coordinate NHESP’s conservation efforts.

· Aid the Assistant Director in administering the Program, including setting policy, developing procedures, identifying priorities, budgeting, and securing funding. Assist with development and management of grant applications.
· Oversee the Program’s inventory, monitoring, research, and planning to conserve and enhance the Commonwealth’s biodiversity, particularly its endangered, threatened and special concern species and exemplary natural communities.
· Oversee the Program’s management and recovery efforts for state-listed species and their habitats as well as its related conservation initiatives, including but not limited to compilation and analysis of biological data on rare species populations and habitats, species habitat mapping, and the application of these data to its habitat protection, management and regulatory review work. Coordinate the Program’s periodic review and evaluation of individual species status for inclusion on or deletion from the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) list.
· Supervise the Program’s scientists, habitat managers, data management as well as other short-term employees, and work with them to identify and implement biodiversity conservation priorities. Supervise the development of methodologies and procedures for the acquisition of scientific data and supervise identification and correction of data deficiencies.
· Coordinate participation of Program staff in regulatory reviews as well as DFW’s land protection and other conservation projects.
· Work cooperatively with other sections of the Division - including Wildlife, Fisheries, and the Districts - to facilitate survey, monitoring, research, species recovery, and habitat restoration and management efforts to benefit state-listed species, priority natural communities, and other conservation targets.
· Develop and maintain professional relationships with land managers and the environmental and scientific communities; develop and implement conservation partnerships to advance biodiversity conservation; interact professionally with biologists at the state, regional, and national levels; and confer with federal, state and municipal agencies to inform, direct and coordinate the Program’s conservation projects and activities.
· Prepare and deliver presentations and develop articles and other informational materials to increase awareness of the status and conservation needs of the Commonwealth’s biodiversity.
· Conduct research and conservation planning on select state-listed species, other species of conservation concern, and natural communities.
· Perform other duties as assigned by the Assistant Director.