Community Connections Coordinator

About the Position:
The Community Connections Coordinator (CCC) position is an exciting opportunity to join WLCT’s team in engaging the Westport and surrounding communities in experiencing WLCT destination properties and developing conservation awareness and skills. The CCC will primarily focus on the planning, promoting, and implementation of public programs, and avenues for public interpretation. The CCC will collaborate with the WLCT Land Connection committee to develop and plan a calendar of events each year to connect visitors to the land, including traditionally successful programs and novel, exciting new programs. In addition to planning and executing programs, the CCC will maintain and develop systems to collect vital program data, nurture and build new relationships with community partners, and create new opportunities for the public to explore the outdoors. The position will support the volunteers of the Land Connection committee and any volunteers who assist with program implementation. In addition, the CCC will collaborate with WLCT’s staff team to maximize the Westport Woods Learning Center and Children’s Discovery Garden.

Reports to:
Executive Director (Will also receive direction from the Land Stewardship and Outreach Manager and collaborate with Development and Communications Coordinator)

Primary Position Responsibilities:

Overall Public Programming
• Serve as the lead staff member for public programming
• Staff and partner with the WLCT Land Connection committee to develop a yearlong public calendar of creative, novel program/events ideas to offer utilizing WLCT resources (destination properties, conservation land, and Westport Woods Learning Center).
• Work closely with Land Connection committee chair to plan and follow-up on committee work, including scheduling, committee communication, minutes, action steps, and more
• Host public programs on the land and virtually for the community regularly
• Support and coordinate volunteers, community partners, and paid instructors for public programs
• Maintain and improve the systems to collect participant data for future engagement
• Develop marketing materials and content to be disseminated in WLCT regular communications in partnership with the Development and Communications Coordinator
• Prepare materials and other necessary resources to host public programs
• Collect visitor feedback on various WLCT public programming and interpretation initiatives

Westport Woods
• Develop a regular schedule and public presence for the Westport Woods Learning Center
• Engage partners and local educators in the utilization of the Westport Woods campus
• Develop and promote regular passive interpretation for visitors to enjoy

Volunteer Support
• Support the volunteers on the Land Connection committee as they assist in developing vision, scope, and strategy for WLCT community engagement
• Recruit and support volunteers as program instructors and program/event assistants
• Support the volunteers of the Tuesday Trail Team and Stewardship Program

• Support WLCT fundraising events as needed
• Support the Stewardship Program during annual monitoring of Conservation Restrictions
• May on occasion need to lift or assist in lifting objects over 50lbs
• May on occasion need to drive a WLCT company vehicle

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent
• Commitment to the mission of Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT)
• Enthusiasm for connecting the public to the land
• Experience with nature-based programming/education
• Strong writing and customer service skills, professionalism and attention to detail
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
• Familiarity with social media communications
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
• Valid Driver’s License
• Willingness to collaborate and play multiple roles as part of a team of professionals
• Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks
• Familiarity with Westport and the South Coast of Massachusetts is a plus

Hours, Salary & Benefits:
The Community Connections Coordinator position is an exempt full-time year-round salary position. WLCT offers a health care stipend of $6,200, three week’s vacation, and participation in a 401(k) program. Compensation will be $41,600/annually. Regular working hours are generally within WLCT office hours from 8am-5pm, but will also require occasional evening or weekend commitments. Regular working hours vary due to public program offerings and WLCT is committed to ensuring a flexible balance for the staff member’s schedule.

How to Apply:
Interested candidates should submit their resume, cover letter and three references to:

Community Connections Coordinator
Westport Land Conservation Trust
P.O. Box 3975
Westport, MA 02790