Steering Committee

The Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition Steering Committee consists of all land conservation organizations who join the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition (MLTC) at the 'Supporting' level or above. All are welcome to attend Steering Committee meetings, regardless of membership level. The Steering Committee meets at least three times a year to exchange ideas, discuss important conservation issues, and recommend actions to be taken by MLTC on issues related to policy, programs, and advocacy in Massachusetts.

Steering Committee Officers

Kathy Orlando, Chair

Lisa Vernegaard, Vice Chair

All are invited to Steering Committee meetings, but only Steering Committee members may vote on items coming to a vote by the Steering Committee. However, all MLTC members are invited to attend the Annual Meeting (typically held in February or March) and are eligible to vote on nominees to the Massachusetts Land Trust Coalition Board of Trustees. Organizations (not individuals) are members of the Steering Committee. Each organization has one designated representative who may vote on Steering Committee matters.

A typical meeting often includes:

  • Presentation on a topic of general interest or of critical importance to the conservation community
  • Status of current legislative initiatives
  • Update on state environmental agency matters and potential state funding opportunities
  • Update from MLTC and Land Trust Alliance staff on regional land conservation issues and upcoming trainings

The Steering Committee welcomes suggestions for topics of interest or discussion. Please send suggestions to

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