Water Flow Device Grants Available - Deceive the Beavers

Thanks to a grant from the Nion Robert Thieriot Foundation, the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) is excited to again offer grants to fund installation of a limited number of water flow devices to address conflicts with beaver and prevent flooding related to beaver activity in communities throughout the Berkshires, Hampshire, Hampden, and Franklin County.  Note: If you have a problem with beaver-related flooding in another part of the state, please contact us for more information: advocacy@mspca.org

The MSPCA is looking for individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, and communities that need help mitigating beaver-related flooding problems.

The application form is available online at www.mspca.org/BeaverFunding

Who can participate? Any individual, town, business, or organization in the Berkshires, or Franklin, Hampden, or Hampshire counties.

What are the criteria? A willingness (of all parties involved) to resolve problems non-lethally for the long term, a site that is conducive to flow device usage, and permission of the landowners and the local Conservation Commission to install water flow devices.

How do I request assistance?  Send a description of your conflict site(s) and the limitations of your budget to the MSPCA for consideration.  Starting in the spring, we will evaluate the sites to determine if they are conducive to flow device usage.

Funding assistance: The amount of funding offered to each applicant will depend on the number of requests,  the amount of each viable request, and the ability of each requester to pay for part of the flow device, or the maintenance contract for the device, themselves.

Deadline: Requests will be accepted throughout 2016 until funding is exhausted.
Requests will be considered in the order in which they are received.  Submit ASAP, please.

Send requests to:  MSPCA, Advocacy Dept, 350 S. Huntington Ave, Boston, MA, 02130
advocacy@mspca.org  or 617-541-51