Support the President’s Great Outdoors Campaign!

President Obama recently launched America’s Great Outdoors Campaign (formerly known as Treasured Landscapes). Now, the Administration will spend a few months traveling around the country getting input from people and community leaders on how the Federal government can assist conservation innovation at the local and state levels. The likely result will be an America’s Great Outdoors Program that will provide important support to land and water conservation goals and activities across the U.S. 

I am writing to ask you to send the President emails of support over the next week congratulating him for taking this approach. Since we don’t want form letters, we are not providing a template, but following is a rough outline of how the letters might be structured:

Dear President Obama:

1. I read about your America’s Great Outdoors Initiative to get people and organizations across the country to work together to conserve our land and water; America’s natural areas; farms, ranches and forests; the places we love; places for recreation in the outdoors (pick one)

2. In (local place) we have been working on this sort of thing for years and we would welcome more help, support and encouragement from Federal agencies.

3. I am particularly concerned about (local place) where we have been (description of activities). I would welcome a visit from your team to show what we’ve been doing and what more could be done.

4. This is important to me because (fill in)

5. Thank you for this initiative; I hope it succeeds.

Emails should be directed to the President and copied to Secretary Vilsack, Secretary Salazar, and CEQ Chair Nancy Sutley. Because of the rigorous screening process for physical letters, email is the preferred method. 

President Barak Obama

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture:

Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, C/O Lissie Masters, Executive Assistant to Secretary Salazar:

Nancy Sutley, Chair, The President’s Council on Environmental Quality:

Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

Steve Long
Director of Government Relations
The Nature Conservancy 

Kathy McGrath
Programs Manager
Mass Land Trust Coalition