Sign-on Letters for Federal Funding

Hello friends,

Please see below two requests for  NGOs signatures on a letters to Congress on federal funding.  And PLEASE feel free to forward far and wide.  We in MA have a great reputation for providing dozens of signatories, so let’s keep it up.

In 2011, America’s Voice for Conservation, Recreation, and Preservation came together as a diverse coalition to support federal investments in conservation, outdoor recreation and historic preservation. Last year, over 500 organizations came together and signed a letter urging Senate Majority Leader Reid and Speaker Boehner not to balance the budget disproportionately on the backs of conservation, outdoor recreation and preservation programs. While our collective efforts on these issues have yielded positive results –we avoided the terrible conservation funding cuts envisioned by the House in 2011 and both the Senate and House passed versions of Farm Bill containing strong Conservation Titles (although Senate’s is overall much better) , we are far from out of the woods.

Today we are faced with the prospect of even greater cuts to the programs that provide the cornerstone of the nation’s wildlife conservation and outdoor recreation infrastructure, programs that also contribute more than $646 billion to the nation’s economy each year. The FY14 House Interior Appropriations Bill once again contains drastic overall cuts, including NO FUNDING for State Wildlife Action Grants, Forest Legacy, NAWCA, and LWCF programs.   In addition, the House and Senate have yet to pass a Farm Bill.  All of this funding is important to you and your missions even if you have never directly participated in any of these grant programs.

While finding a sensible resolution to the current budget and spending debates in Congress  and passage of a Farm Bill will take time to figure out, one easy and helpful thing you can do is to sign the letters currently being circulated

The first is being circulated by America’s Voice for Conservation, Recreation and Preservation.  You can sign this letter using a web-based form at  by Friday, September 6th.  Many of you signed last year’s AVCRP letter.

The second letter, you can view here, is organized through the Teaming with Wildlife Coalition and spearheaded by America’s Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies speaks more directly to the cuts proposed by the House of Representatives, especially the zeroing out of five key grant programs.   You can sign this letter by sending an email with your organization's name and state to  by Friday August 30.