Oppose Kinder Morgan’s request to Proceed with Cutting Trees!

Yesterday, Kinder Morgan/Tennessee Gas filed a request with FERC for a "limited notice to proceed," which means they are seeking FERC authorization to commence tree-cutting in Otis State Forest and elsewhere for the Connecticut Expansion project.  If the state and the rest of us don't push back, the trees will presumably be cut (and then KM/TGP will have a precedent for this with NED, if NED gets to the FERC certificate stage).

Please get on record on FERC Docket No. CP14-529 in opposition to the request for a notice to proceed with tree-cutting. Potential grounds include:

– FERC denied such a request made by the Constitution Pipeline Company under Docket No. CP13-499, with respect to tree-cutting in New York State, where that state had not issued a  401 water quality certificate.  TGP does not have a 401 water quality certificate from Massachusetts required for the CT Expansion project to proceed.

– The land in Otis State Forest is still protected by Article 97 because Kinder Morgan did not see the constitutionally mandated disposition process through, and Kinder Morgan’s authority to take that protected land is now being litigated.

– The harm to the forest would be irreparable.  Mature trees, once cut, can’t be replaced.

Anyone can submit a comment in opposition, but if you intervened in the CT Expansion docket, you should mention that you are a party to the proceeding and are formally objecting to the request for a notice to proceed.

More information is available at:

Thanks to Kathryn R. Eiseman, Director, Mass. Pipeline Awareness Project for this information