Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program

Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program grant RFR’s are posted here:

Communities are starting the process of convening stakeholders under the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program (MVP). Under MVP, each community identifies climate change impacts and prioritizes vulnerabilities to be incorporated into local policy and planning. Land trusts have been getting involved in their local MVP process to promote nature-based solutions. Nature-based solutions, such as conserving and restoring forest, wetlands and floodplains, play a huge role in fostering community resiliency – BUT are unlikely to happen unless local land trust allies get involved and advocate for nature-based solutions through the stakeholder process.

Please see  “How to get Involved” (which includes a map and list of the communities) and a “Nature-Based Solutions Tool Kit.”

EEA is also encouraging regionalization among municipalities and your organizations are well-positioned to help craft a joint proposal from multiple communities.

Here’s a sample email you could use with your municipal officials:

"I am writing to encourage town X to apply for the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program (Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs) offers municipalities expert consulting to conduct a vulnerability assessment and prepare an adaptation plan. Our local organization is ready to offer support and capacity to help our community with the application and the planning process."

More information on this program is at: