LWCF in Transportation Bill - May 24th Update

May 24th Update

As many of you are aware, the House and Senate are currently in conference debating two versions of a Transportation bill in the hope of finding agreement on one final package to pass before June 30th. The Senate’s version of the Transportation bill (S. 1813) contains a critical provision that was added during floor consideration of bill in March. It provides $700 million for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) in each the next two years and was passed with an overwhelming 76-22 bipartisan vote.

 It is imperative that this LWCF amendment added to the Senate transportation package is included in the final transportation bill that the House and Senate are now negotiating. To ensure that we have robust and consistent funding for LWCF through this transportation bill, we must show the depth and breadth of support for LWCF across the country. Therefore, we are circulating a statement of support for LWCF in the Transportation bill (read full statement) which urges that this critical LWCF provision be included in the final Transportation package. Doing so will help stimulate our nation's outdoor recreation economy, create jobs that can’t be exported overseas and provide access to open space across the country. LWCF makes a substantial contribution to these critical priorities by supporting the economic asset that our federal, state and local public lands represent.

Lindsey Levick
National Conservation Representative
The Wilderness Society 

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