June 12th Workshop: Protecting Biodiversity in a Changing Climate


Planning for the next round of regional workshops is underway.
Next workshop:

  Protecting Biodiversity in a Changing Climate
  Time: Tuesday, June 12, 9:30am - 4pm
  Location: Brigham Hill Community Farm, 37 Wheeler Rd, Grafton
  Cost: $20 lunch included
  More details here. Agenda here.
  Rsvp and pay here:


  Leadership Workshop for Executive Directors and Board Members
  Time: June 20, 2018, 3pm - 6:30pm  NEW DATE, RESCHEDULED FROM FEBRUARY
  Location: Fidelity Bank Community Room
  More details here
  Draft Agenda here


  December, 2017 Combat Communications workshop presentation here

  September 21, 2017 Stewardship workshop, co-hosted by Greenbelt.
Workshop Presentation: Fundamentals of CR Stewardship
    Workshop materials:

      1.  Monitoring Program Annual Planning Calendar

      2.  Sample Monitoring Practices

      3.  Sample Field Guide to Monitoring Conserved Lands

      4.  Sample Volunteer Steward Training Agenda

      5.  Sample Letter to Stewards

      6.  Sample Post Monitoring Landowner Letter

      7.  Sample Annual Monitoring Report Form

      8.  Sample BDR Outline

      9.  Sample BDR

     10. Obtaining Signatures for Older BDR’s

     11. Sample BDR Policy

     12. Easement Revitalization: A Problem Solving Guidebook for Land Trusts


  February 4, 2017 Southeastern Massachusetts Land Trust Convocation
    Plenary Speech by Jack Clarke, Mass Audubon, available here.
    "Cracking the Communication Nut" w
orkshop handout here.For questions, contact info@massland.org.