Land Trust Regional Workshops


In our recent survey, Mass Land Trust Coalition (MLTC) member land trusts listed the top challenges facing their organizations. We heard you! Workshop events are co-sponsored by MLTC and the Land Trust Alliance.

February 4, 2017 Southeastern Massachusetts Land Trust Convocation Plenary Speech by Jack Clarke, Mass Audubon, available here.
February 4, 2017 workshop
, "Cracking the Communication Nut" w
orkshop handout here.

November 14th Stewardship workshop was held in Lenox.
Workshop materials

  1.  Monitoring Program Annual Planning Calendar

  2.  Sample Monitoring Practices

  3.  Sample Field Guide to Monitoring Conserved Lands

  4.  Sample Volunteer Steward Training Agenda

  5.  Sample Letter to Stewards

  6.  Sample Post Monitoring Landowner Letter

  7.  Sample Annual Monitoring Report Form

  8.  Sample BDR Outline

  9.  Sample BDR

  10. Obtaining Signatures for Older BDR’s

  11. Sample BDR Policy

  12. Easement Revitalization: A Problem Solving Guidebook for Land Trusts


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