Conservation Practitioners Library

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Libraries include:

Land Protection Practices

Topics such as: Land potection basics, Conservation restrictions, Fee acquisition, Estate planning, Landowner & community relations, Economic benefits of conservation, Agricultural Land Protection, Chapert 61, Article 97, and more advances topics.

Land Trust Operations

Topics such as: Starting & growing a land trust, Operating policies, Governance, Legal issues, Monitoring & enforcement, Forms & examples and Tax issues.  

Legal Issues

Topics such as: Attorney Advisory Panel reports, Mass Easement Defense Subcommittee reports, Court rulings, Supporting legislation.


Topics such as: Baselines, Climate Change, Habitat management, Landowner Relations, Monitoring.


Topics such as: Lobbying by Land Trusts, Legislative Primer, Local Advocacy, Grass Roots Organizing, Federal Level Advocacy, Current Legislative Efforts. You may search the libraries by keyword, use the advanced search to find specific phrases, or browse topics by category.