2011 Conference Materials

1A  Biomap 2: Conserving the Biodiversity of Massachusetts in a Changing World
       Biomap 2 Report

1E  Strengthen Your Message to Gain More Support from More People
TPL Strengthen Your Message Presentation - Matt Zieper
      TNC Strengthen Your Message Presentation - Hazel Wong
      Summary Memo on Language Effects - The Nature Conservancy

1F Recreation Impacts in Managing Our Conservation Lands
Recreation Impacts Handout - Tad Ames
     Useful References for Land Managers - Paul Cavanagh

1G Conservation Restriction Enforcement
Enforcing Conservation Restrictions Against Third Parties

1H Model MA Conservation Restriction
     Model MA Conservation Restriction Handout - Irene Del Bono
     Model MA Conservation Restriction with comments and required provisions - Irene Del Bono

1i  Government Grant Opportunities for Land Conservation Financing
Mass Grant Opportunities Handout

1J Protecting Your Land Trust's Local Property Tax Exemption
     Property Tax Exemption for Land Trusts in Mass. Presentation - Mark Robinson and Bob Levite

1K Tax Advantages of Conservation Giving 101
      Tax Advantages of Conservation Giving Handout

2B Your Town and Your Land Trust: The Joy of Shared Success
Public and Private Partnerships for Open Space Acquisition - Mark Robinson

2C The Future of Small Land Trusts in Massachusetts
      The Future of Small Land Trusts in Massachusetts Presentation - Stephen Johnson

2D Low Cost GIS for Land Trusts
     Low Cost GIS for Land Trusts Powerpoint - Vin Antil, Jeff Collins, Matt Mayo

2E Advanced Stewardship: Landowner Relations
     Landowner Relations Handout - Caroline Raisler

2F Protecting Land in Massachusetts: Basics of Planning
      and Funding Projects
Land Protection Process Overview
      Land Acquisition Criteria
      Due Dililgence Checklist
      Project Budget Template
      Recreational Use Sheilds Owner from Liability     

2H Conservation Gift and Valuation Substantiation in the Wake
     of Recent Court Rulings

     Sample Documents

2i Amending Conservation Restrictions: A Last Resort
     Amending Mass Conervation Restrictions Presentation - Jonathan Bockian 
     Amending Mass Conservation Restrictions - Legal Perspective - Jonathan Bockian 
     Amending Conservation Restrictions Presentation - Robert Levite
     Model Conservation Restriction Amendment Policy Guidelines 
     The Risk Spectrums - LTA

2K: Enhancing Your Fundraising and Outreach Communications
      Making Big Impact with Small, Timely Changes Presentation - Judy Anderson

2L The Complementary Roles of Forestry & Land Conservation
     Shrubland Birds in Mass Handout - Whit Beals
     Species Needing Young Forest Handout - Whit Beals

3A Wind Turbine Siting on Land Trust Lands
Wind Turbine Siting Resource Materials
      Wind Turbine Siting on Land Trust Land Presentation - Ed Becker & Jim Younger

3C Online Tools for the Conservation Community
     Online Resources Agenda
     Online Resources Handout - Kevin Case, Andrea Freeman, Lindsey Sarquilla

3D Managing Conserved Land: The Basics of Effective Land Stewardship: Signposts
     WCLT Property Signpost Plans - Ken Slater
     The Basics of Effective Stewardship Presentation - Dan Stimson, SVT & Mark Fox, WCLT

3G Legal Roundtable
     Sample CR Documents -  Kathleen O'Donnell
     Handout on Kaufman v. Commissioner -  Stefan Nagel

3H Engaging Your Board in Fundraising Efforts Handouts
     Sample Invite
     Sample Invite II
     Sample General Appeal Mailing
     Sample Language for Board Job Description
     Event Viability Form
     Board Staff Responsibilities
     Board Evolution Diagram