Alert- Please call on Northeast Expansion Pipeline Route

 Dear fellow conservationists:

This is an important opportunity to influence the route of Kinder-Morgan's proposed Northeast Expansion pipeline project. An article in today's Lowell Sun discusses a legislative initiative by Rep. Sheila Harrington that sounds very promising: that if the Legislature takes a solid stand and authorizes the pipeline to follow existing highways, that Kinder-Morgan will use that route.

Please call your state senator and representative today and ask them to support Rep. Harrington's initiative to authorize the Department of Public Utilities and State Highway Department to grant easements for the Kinder-Morgan pipeline. This change would greatly minimize damage to many of the conservation lands we are working to protect. Time is of the essence-our legislators need to hear our concerns about fragile conservation land that would be damaged by the current proposed route.

Please call your state legislators today - click here for their contact information.