Environmental Bond Bill Amendment

Dear Land Trust Partners,

The environmental bond is under consideration right now. Representative Vincent has filed an amendment that would make funds for coastal resilience projects available to land trusts. The current bond language reserves this funding for use on publicly-owned lands.

Will you please call your legislators this afternoon and ask that they support Amendment 57? Contact information for your legislators can be found here

Across the Commonwealth, groups are making plans to respond to coastal changes and public funds are available for that planning. However, when it comes to implementing those plans, state funds are only available for making publicly-owned lands more resilient. It is important that funds be available to carry out the work wherever it will be most effective, whether on public lands, nonprofit lands, or even private lands, provided appropriate covenants are put in place.

Over 200 amendments were filed yesterday, but only a portion of those will become part of the bill voted on by the full House. That list will be narrowed down TODAY. At your very earliest opportunity, please contact any Massachusetts state Representative, whether your own or another with whom you have a connection. Below is sample language you might consider using.

I am calling to ask you to support Amendment 57 to House Bill 4599--the Environmental Bond Bill. Amendment 57 will greatly improve the implementation of plans for Massachusetts coastline communities by making funds to improve coastal resilience available for the highest priority sites, regardless of land ownership. Please also contact House leadership to make sure they are aware of the importance of Amendment 57. Thank you for your consideration.

Thank you!

~ The MassLand Team