2017 Conference Materials

2017 Conference Workshop Materials


# Workshop Download Materials
N/A Info for First-Time Attendees: Summary of terms, acronyms, and legislation Terms, Acronyms, & Legislation
1A New Solutions to Address Erosion in a Changing Climate Erosion Handout pdf
1B How to Enhance Your Effectiveness as an Advocate Advocate Presentation pdf
1C Enhancing Edibility of Conserved Lands with Native Species

Tasty Teas From Trees pdf

Edible Wild Plants pdf

Presentation Part One

Presentation Part Two

1D Increasing Forest Resiliency

Case Study pdf

Forest Resiliency Presentation pdf

1E Land Conservation 101 Intro Land Conservation pdf
1F Giving Yourself An Out: Knowing When To Say No  
1G Accounting & Financial Reporting for MA Land Trusts Accounting-Financial Reporting pdf
1H Land Trusts and CR Enforcement

CR Envorcement Resource

MEDS Enforcement Policy pdf
Sample Land Trust Enforcement Policy

Sample2 Land Trust Enforcement Policy

1i Creating Sustainable & Engaging Internships Sustainable, Engaging Internships ppt
1J Developing a Trail Guide to Promote Conserved Lands

Develop Trail Guide Presentation pdf

Guidebook Project Responsibilities pdf

1K Land Trusts as Catalysts for Community-Based Land Conservation

Catalyst Presentation Pt 1

Catalyst Presentation Pt 2

Catalyst Presentation Pt 3  (12MB)

1L Mystic Greenways - Restoring and Revitalizing Urban Waterways  
2A Ecological Restoration: Helping Nature & Expanding Horizons for Conservation  
2B Conserving a Network of Resilient Landscapes  
2C Early Detection & Rapid Response to Invasive Terrestrial Plants  
2D Kiosks and Waysides:  Beyond the Bulletin Board Kiosks and Waysides ppt
2E Making Mapping Simple: Three Clicks MAPPR Handout pdf
2F EEA Grant Programs, Open Space Plans & New Funding Sources EEA Grants pdf
2G What is a Closing? Intro to Real Estate Law

Closing Checklist

Purchase & Sale Agreement

2H Understanding Landowner Estate Planning to Increase Land Conservation Landowner Estate Planning pdf
2i Land Trust Standards & Practices 2017: What's New

Overview pdf

Highlights of What's New pdf

Standards Crosswalk Comparison pdf

Accreditation & Standards pdf

Indicators pdf

2J Grooming the Next Generation of Leaders: Succession Planning

Succession Steps for Now pdf

Emergency Succession Planning pdf

2K Trees are the Answer: From City Neighborhoods to Rural Landscapes Trees Presentation ppt
2L Applied Community Conservation in Land Trust Work

Community Conservation Presentation

Chestnut Hill Farm Example

North 40 Example

3A How You Can Make the Economic Case for Your Work

Economic Case Presentation pdf

Conservation Economics pdf

3B Conservation, Forestry & the Wood Products Industry

Our Carbon, Our Communities pdf


3C CR Stewardship Technology Roundtable Pros/Cons Programs & Apps pdf
3D Land Stewardship for Climate Change  
3E Troubleshooting Land Negotiations  
3F Land Conservation Funding From USDA-NRCS Funding Sheet pdf
3G Hot Legal Topics in Conservation

Resources Handout pdf

Agriculture Handout pdf

"Other" CRs ppt

3H Keepers & Chuckers: Keys to Good Record Management

Record Keeping Presentation pdf

Record Keeping Guidelines pdf

Cloud Storage Pros-Cons pdf

3i Energizing Land Trusts for The Next Phase Energizing Presentation pdf
3J 4 Towns, 3 Land Trusts, 2 Decades, 1 Greenway  
3K Tell Us What You Need: Scaling Up MassLIFT AmeriCorps Scaling MassLIFT Handouts pdf