2012 Conference Materials

Plenary Keynote Speaker
Inventing the Future of Food (28 MB) or PDF Version (8 MB) - Gary Hirshberg, Chairman Stonyfield Farm

1D   Deer Populations on Land Trust Lands - Ellie Horwitz, Whit Beals, Russ Hopping, Jim Lentowski,
        Tom O'Shea, Thomas Rawinski
       Audubon Magazine Deer Article
       Bow Hunting Form & Hunting Form
       Deer History I
       Deer History II
       Deer Info Sources
       Losing Hunter Access
       Nantucket Hunting Association Model
       Nantucket Deer Hunter Guidelines
       Rhode Island 2011
       Newtown CT Final Report
       Weston Deer Issue

1F   Effective Enforcement of Conservation Restriction Violations - Chris Rodstrom, Sally Naser, Andrew

       Bentley & Laura Mattei
        CR Stewardship Policies
       Staff CR Enforcement Procedures

1G  Enhancing the Edibility of Conserved Landscapes
Edible Native Plants Handout
       Consultants on Edible Native Species

1J  The New Mass Conservation Land Tax Credit - Mark Robinson, Irene Del Bono 
       & Jonathan Avery 
       CLTC Info Sheet
       Mass Tax Credit Flow Chart
       Mass Conservation Land Tax Credit Presentation

1K  CRs Granted in Connection with Conservation Developments - Robert Levite
       & Joel Russell 
       Conservation Restrictions in Conservation Subdivisions Presentation

1L  Board Development Boot Camp - Henrietta Jordan
       Model Recordkeeping Policy
       Board Self Evaluation
       Land Trust Board Member Self Evaluation
       Model Conflict of Interest Policy
       Model Conservation Easement Enforcement Policy
       Model CE Amendment Policy
       An Intentional Approach to Land Trust Board Development
       Financial Records and Reporting

2A  Making More Land Available for Farming
       New Entry Sustainable Farming Project - Rebecca Weaver

2E  Avoiding Homelessness for Conservation Restrictions - Stephen Johnson,
      Buzz Constable & Susan Crane
       SVT's Model MOU for Co-held CRs

2G  Managing Trail Conflicts - John Kowaleski
        Managing Trail Conflicts Presentation

2i    Integrating GIS Resource Analysis Into Landowner Outreach - David Santomenna
        & Vanessa Johnson
       Integrating GIS Resource Analysis  Presentation

2J   Amending Conservation Restrictions: A Last Resort - Jonathan Bockian
        & Robert Levite
       Amending Conservation Restrictions Presentation
      Amending Conservation Restrictions Legal Perspective 

2L  Mergers and Other Collaborations of Land Trusts in Massachusetts 
- Mark Robinson & Kristen DeBoer
       Mergers and other Collaborations of Land Trusts in Massachusetts

3E  How All Land Trusts Can Respond to Climate Change - Bob Wilber, Bob O'Connor & Andy Finton
       Massachusetts Climate Change Adaptation Report

3F  Low Cost GIS for Land Trusts: Discounted and Open Source Software & Mapping Tools - Matthew

      Mayo, Jeff Collins & Vin Antil
       Low Cost GIS for Land Trusts

3H  The Basics of Planning & Funding Land Conservation - Christa Collins, 
       Susan Crane & Narain Schroeder
       Sample Due Diligence Policy

3I    Legal Roundtable - Buzz Constable, Irene Del Bono, Robert Levite, Kathleen
       O'Donnell, & Greg Peterson
       Voluntary Dissolution of a Public Charity

3K   Strategic Conservation Planning for Land Trusts in Hard Times - Ole Amundsen
       Strategic Conservation Planning for Land Trusts in Hard Times